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From online stores and agencies to coaches, local businesses and consulting firms, business owners choose Imagination Pathway virtual assistants to get professional help and grow their businesses faster.  

It’s true, we all have the same amount of hours in a day but we obviously don’t all use our time in the same way. It turns out that successful people are usually great at delegating tasks so that they can focus on their most important work

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We do all sorts of VA stuff and our key services are below.



Every assistant is trained in over 300 tasks and takes over 16 certifications including Google and Facebook Certified Programs, Digital Marketer’s Email Marketing, Conversion Funnel, Search Marketing, Copy-writing, Paid Traffic, Content Marketing, Ecommerce Marketing, Social Media & Community, Analytics & Data, Conversion Optimization and Testing Mastery and more.



Your new Virtual Assistant has already been trained for this role—and they are ready right now.  Professionally Trained and ready Today. Reduce your costs dramatically by outsourcing your very own virtual assistant



Breakthrough the frustration of trying to grow your business yourself. Focus on your most important work, not on time sucking tasks and routine. Imagine having a reliable go-to person for every need in your business. Actually, you don’t have to imagine it. You delegate tasks to your assistant and they are on it, which allows you to stay on target

Do what you love and we will do everything else

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No more excuses. Now you’re ready to go take on the world

There is no limit how much your assistant can learn from you to become another rock star at your company. We have built an incredible team to help you achieve your business and life goals faster.



We Are

Highly trained in administrative tasks

Professionally managed and supported

Proficient in Microsoft, Google, and most popular productivity suites

America’s best trained assistants

If you feel like you’re stuck on a treadmill in your business…

…always working hard, longer hours, always under pressure…

…you are limited by technical knowledge to get things done yourself…

…thinking that nobody else can do it like you so its a waste of time to get help…

…staying small and only serving a handful of clients, instead of creating scale and making a much bigger impact…

…never quite enough leads, enough clients, enough time or enough income…

…neglecting other areas of life, such as health and relationships…

…wondering what it is that you’re missing, why nothing seems to work for you…

…then you need one of our virtual assistants!!!!!

The struggle is real, the solution is remarkable


Tasks listed here are just a taste of what you can do with your VA.

Website Development

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WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce, SquareSpace and more – design, build, customizations and maintenance. Make your website stand out from the rest.

Graphic Design

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Not a Photoshop guru? From business cards, logos, flyers to product shots, social posts and website graphics – you assistant will help you with that as well.

Video & Audio Editing

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YouTube videos, Podcast episodes, Facebook Lives, Instagram Stories. We may not get you to the Oscars, but we know what it takes to create a great audio and video!

Social Media Management

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From researching, creating, scheduling posts to running and managing communities or paid ad campaigns – we will take our time to help you get back more of yours!

Admin & Personal Tasks

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Your business is a big part of your life. But it is NOT your life. Let us help with all the time sucking tasks. Providing customer support for your brand, answering emails, researching best deals – if you can do it, we can do it.
But it is NOT your life.


Research and Data Entry

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The world wide web can be the black hole of all rabbit holes. We know the shortcuts….and we have a flashlight. Our assistants are experts in finding, gathering and organizing data into an easy to read report.

Email Marketing

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Funnels & Landing Pages

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Your assistant can build, design and optimize a great converting funnel or a landing page for your business using ClickFunnels, LeadPages & others. Make more money with what you already have.

Marketing & Advertising

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What works and what doesn’t? Your assistant already knows – thanks to our certifications and years of experience. Save time and money – let your assistant help you market your business online.

and many many more…

Over 300 tasks….

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“These are the best virtual assistants in the business, so do yourself a favour and hire them today so you can go and play golf all day while they run your business for you.”

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“These are the best virtual assistants in the business, so do yourself a favour and hire them today so you can go and play golf all day while they run your business for you. This is the best person for your virtual assistant needs and they are pretty good at building Divi websites too.”

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